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Do you have a Velcro Pet?  I call a pet that has to be next to you whenever you sit a Velcro pet.  They can be cats, dogs or even birds.


Two of my cats qualify as Velcro cats.  If I am on the couch, at least one of them is on me, and often both of them are.  Baby likes to sit on my shoulder with his face right next to mine.  My arm gets tired after awhile, but it is so cute, I am reluctant to move him.


Big Kiki likes to sit glued to my left leg.  It is a very handy location for petting and he has claimed that spot as his own.  My newest cat, Kinji, also sits on the couch but on a cushion about a foot to the left of us.


I have several pet sitting clients that also have Velcro cats or dogs.  Peaches the dog will sit right next to me whenever I visit and if I stay over, she sleeps curled up next to me on the bed.  That’s her in the picture sitting on my lap.


Skitters and Trouble are two black and white kitties that definitely fit the criteria.  As soon as I finish feeding them and cleaning their boxes, they follow me to the living room.  They both jump up, sit next to me and each other and start purring like crazy.  They do this every single time I visit.


Some new clients, Callisto and Xena, also fall into the Velcro cat category.  I spend an hour with them per visit and they sit right by me on the couch. Xena will climb up on my chest and purr and make puddies (knead).  At night when I stay over it is even more pronounced.  Xena will plop down next to my head and purr like crazy.  She actually hugs me and Callisto watches  from the foot of the bed.


I love the Velcro pets because the closeness is very special.  It is a way they show their love and makes it very easy for me to reciprocate!

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