Your decision to partner with our company to provide professional pet and home care services is one we take very seriously. We are committed to care for your pets with love, respect, and individual attention.

In order for OC Pet Companions to provide the best possible service for you, your pets and all of our clients, the following applies.

You will receive a confirmation of service email from your individual pet companion or the office within a day or two before departure. Please do not depart without this confirmation. . Do not assume that your message on our office answering machine or email message to us confirms your service.

All reservations or changes to reservations must be made either through the website, via email, text or by calling 949-709-2707 office or Ruth Ann at 949-554-5496. Please do not contact your pet sitter directly as they cannot make or change reservations. Please book as far ahead as possible to ensure we can provide service on the dates requested, especially for nationally recognized holidays.

Travel plans change and “things happen” when you travel. If you find you will need us to continue service beyond the contracted period, we request that you advise us as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requests and additional visits will routinely be made at your normal visit fee. A late request fee may be added.

It is imperative that all pets be up-to-date on vaccinations and proof of same submitted at time of contract signing. OC Pet Companions cannot provide service for aggressive animals, those with a history of biting, or pets whose vaccinations are not current. This is for the safety of the pet sitter and for the safety of the other animals we care for. All pets must wear identification tags while in our care. OC Pet Companions welcomes disabled pets and/or those needing extra special care.

OC Pet Companions will not provide service for loose (not contained) or chained dogs. If pets are contained in a fence or by invisible fencing when a company representative is not there, our service contract releases us from liability for incidents involving pets left outside unsupervised.

Our signed service contract permits us to get medical care from your veterinarian and the animal emergency clinic with reimbursement of all incurred expenses to company.

With the exception of the requirement to administer time-sensitive medications, we cannot commit to be at your home at an exact time each day. When time-specific visits require adjustments of our schedule, there will be an additional charge. Due to traffic, weather conditions, and the unpredictability of circumstances at prior scheduled visits that day, we still cannot guarantee an exact visit time but will make every effort to be there at the requested time.

In the event of injury or illness of your assigned pet sitter, another OC Pet Companions staff sitter will be assigned. It is OC Pet Companions policy to ensure that your pets and home are never left unattended.

We prefer not to share the care of your pets with anyone else. This is for your pet’s well-being, the security of your home and our insurance and bonding policies cover only OC Pet Companions employees. If you desire for us to share the visit with another person (family member, neighbor, or relative), our service contract releases us from liability due to negligence of the other party. This also applies when other contracted services (carpenter, maid, carpet cleaners, etc.) will be in the home during the period of our contracted service with you.

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