Coyote Close Encounter

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I have written several blogs about safety around coyotes, but until last weekend, I had not had my own coyote close encounter. It was frightening and awesome at the same time.

The weekend it happened, I had a Chihuahua mix boarding with me. Arnie is a great little dog, quiet and friendly and he loves to go for walks. Since I live in a condo, he has to be taken outside to go potty on a regular basis. See Arnie’s picture at left.

On Sunday morning, Arnie and I went out for his first walk of the day at 7:30 a.m. We went on a short walk and Arnie did his business with his tail wagging enjoying all the early-morning smells. After he finished going potty, we walked a little more and then went back to the condo for his breakfast.

About ten minutes later, I left the house to do the first of several pet sits. As I walked out of my door and across the balcony to the street, I sensed some movement across the street. I stopped to see what had caught my eye. All of a sudden, I saw not one but two coyotes. One was full grown and one appeared to be a juvenile. I stood still and stared at the coyotes as they crossed the street about fifteen feet in front of me. The smaller one turned around and looked at me. Apparently, I posed no threat to the animals, as they sauntered off to their adventures.

I warned dog owners walking their dogs in my neighborhood about the sighting so they would be extra vigilant. I also discussed my sighting with my neighbor who told me she had seen two coyotes fitting my description the night before around 7:30 p.m. on the next street.

I told Arnie’s mother about my sighting and she advised that I should have made noise and made myself as big as possible to scare them. Of course, she was right and if I have another coyote close encounter I will do so. So always be on the watch when you are walking your pets and carry a stick, wear a whistle or walk with an air horn when you walk your dog.

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