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After losing two senior cats in the last six months, I decided I was ready to add another cat to my household. I felt there was room in my home and my heart, so I decided to adopt a new cat.

I am partial to Siamese so I was hoping to find a Siamese that needed a home. I needed a cat that would fit in with my two boys who are both seniors. However, Baby, who is eleven, doesn’t act like a senior.

I had seen a Siamese cat at PetSmart that was up for adoption. I decided to start my search there. My friend, Pat, decided to join me, so one Saturday we were off in search of the perfect cat.

The female Siamese that I saw at PetSmart was still there. We were introduced to her, but she didn’t like other kitties too much and wasn’t very people-oriented. I didn’t think she was the right fit for my household.

I discussed this with the adoption counselor who told me there were other Siamese kitties that needed a home at the PetSmart in a nearby town. Pat and I decided to continue the search and went to a second PetSmart.

The two kitties we had seen pictures of were there and cute, but they were more bonded to each other than people. I really didn’t think I wanted two more cats and again didn’t feel they were the right fit. However, there was a Siamese male there named Walter.

Walter was estimated to be four years old. He is a big Siamese with a great personality. He was very lovey and responsive. He probably weighs 16 pounds and was found on the streets. After spending a half hour with Walter, both Pat and I felt he would be a good addition to my Siamese clowder.

I brought him home and kept him separated the first night so the cats could sniff each other. The next day, I let Baby meet Walter and let them cohabitate under supervision. Everything went great and they have been together ever since.

Walter was renamed Kinji Walter and he and Baby have bonded. Kinji is pictured aboe. They lick each other and love to play together. All three cats will eat together and share space peacefully. I have been so lucky to be able to integrate him into our home.

When you feel you are ready for a new pet, please consider adoption, even if you want a purebred. I was lucky enough to find a Siamese with the perfect personality and you probably can too.

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